Ukraine: the materialization of ghosts

Second edition
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Natalia Dzyubenko-Mace
ISBN 978-617-7755-33-2

The titanic work of James Mace - a famous American researcher of the history of Ukraine, an outstanding public figure - is dedicated to revealing the integrity and completeness of the historical truth about the most terrible pages of the totalitarian past, which to this day paralyzes the political, economic, educational, moral and ethical life of Ukrainian society. In the articles presented in this edition, a thorough analysis of the reasons for the failure of the national liberation struggle of Ukrainians at the beginning of the 20th century was carried out, and the terrifying mechanics of the totalitarian Stalinist power machine were revealed. The author, a bright scientist of the Western standard, defends the truth about the artificiality and anti-Ukrainian orientation of one of the largest genocides in history - the Holodomor of 1932-1933, documentally confirms the inextricable relationship between the past, present and future of Ukraine, which is characterized by the desire for state independence, social progress. He brings to us the voice of a generation of our compatriots who tell how the Ukrainian nation-state was destroyed, reveals the nature, scope and reasons of the Kremlin's terrorist policy towards Ukraine. The collection also includes articles on the pain points of the present time: the formation of civil society, economic, political, cultural, educational problems, highlighted on the basis of a huge factual base from a historical perspective. Bringing Ukraine out of "post-genocide" and out of the "enchanted circle of the idol" is the only urgently needed program of reforms for the people and the state, which the author outlines in his articles.

Hardcover, 688 pages

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Contemporary history
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