Василь Стус: Поет і Громадянин. Книга спогадів та роздумів.

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Ціна350,00 ₴
Василь Овсієнко
ISBN 978-617-7755-20-2

2020 marked the 35th anniversary of the poet's death in the Mordovian camps. The spiritual feat of Vasyl Stus was not wasted. The proof of this is the growing interest to his work and personality. This book includes memories and reflections of friends, acquaintances and relatives who considered it their duty to preserve his true image for future generations. Some were written or told on a fresh trail, and these testimonies are the most valuable. Others - from a distance of time, and these are balanced assessments. The Poet and the Citizen are not two different Stus hypostases. This is a complete Personality not only of a national, but of a universal scale. You can make sure of this by reading the testimonies and evaluations of people of different nationalities and different worldviews. But these testimonies also show us the real Vasyl Stus, with his joys, doubts and choices. Such a view of the great poet is very important, because it allows us to see his true personality.

Hardcover, 684 pages.

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